I was born in the 12/31/1971 in Bocholt.
Already as a child I visited the musical early education Bocholt and discovered the love to the music.
Piano lessons and guitar lessons soon followed this.
Then in 1986 it became serious. With the first recording studio equipment I wrote and composed the first songs.
Also I discovered this year the interest in the song and took for longer time singing lessons in Bocholt.
In 1987 I helped as an actor of a school project of the Saint Georg high school that about the television broadcasting station "WDR" was emitted.
In 1989 then the first produced music video in cooperation with "film Stuttgart".
In the meantime I developed over and over again with song productions and own-label records as well as singing lessons in Cologne.
In 1994 co-operation among other things in "Lindenstrasse" and "Bahnhöfe" as an extra.
In 1995 I turned as an advertising actor for a Musikcompilation with „Husmann & Husmann“ a commercial for the music transmitter "VIVA"
In 1996 I worked as a photo model for u.a Living, chemist's shop sheet and as a videoactor in music videos of Sony. Arranges once more from „Husmann & Husmann“.
Also I co-operated in different musicproductions among other things with "m&m music munich".
I celebrated my biggest success in cobringing into play in "eye to eye" ( "Scatman" )

Up to 2011 I concentrated upon own compositions and cooperation in different music projects.
Now after a creating break I want in 2013 with own compositions and as a singer


a new overshoot.

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