about me


i am a german singer,songwriter,artist.
got more than 150 songs.
they are still not mixed,mastered yet....but will day!
i work on it.
3 of my songs,"spanish","skylines"and "wake me up"are ready to listen to,dance to and downloadable!
i offer pure originality...
my songs(also the rawversions)are not comparible to other artist songs,
it's  what i am focused on...
not to sound like or look similar to someone!
to be distinctively. 

bill gates once said, that new innovations will be born in a small garage.....!
in fact,creation and innovation do not have anything in common with money or fame.

i am always interested in getting to know different musicians,producers,fans...!
like to co-operate and i'm willing to give all i can.
i know some things could be better, a different way mixed and mastered,improvement of my videos and so on..but isn't it still the idea that counts???
maybe something strange,imperfect in a way or extraordinary leads to a new point of view and...
to a new "trend"!!!
do not hesitate and feel free to contact me for any questions,suggestions or inquiries.

we should work together....
for authentcity.

thanks for your attention,
best wishes,


it's greater than we thought-

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